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“Living forever – How AI is Reshaping Life After Death”

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making profound strides, reshaping industries and transforming not only societal norms but life itself. Join us for a discussion that delves into the intersection of AI and the deeply human experiences of grief, bereavement, and one’s existence after death.

Our panel will navigate through various dimensions of AI’s influence, both positively and negatively, drawing inspiration from real-world examples and cutting-edge developments to extend one’s “Life” by utilizing Chatbots or Avatars to keep is “alive”.

Discussion topics will include:
• The intersection of AI & Grief – What it could mean to “live for ever” in Cyber space

 AI Ethics: Opportunities & Unintended Consequences (both for regular people and public personalities)
> Ethical considerations and regulatory challenges posed by AI-driven technologies
> Personal issues – The role of the deceased and their family
> Rights of Celebrities/Public Persons vs. private Persons
> Emotional resonance and ethical implications of AI-generated chatbots and digital replicas
> Ethical dilemmas and legal/regulatory implications surrounding the proliferation of AI chatbots and digital replicas and the importance of establishing clear guidelines and regulatory frameworks to safeguard the integrity of AI-driven technology

• Legal issues The Rights of the Deceased vs. the Rights of the Living
Current landscape of US regulation for the rights of the deceased and their family:
> Current landscape of European regulation: EU just passed EU-AI act this year and catapulted itself to the forefront of AI regulation
> Is there other existing regulation both in the EU and the United States addressing AI related issues?
> Risk of data breaches and enforcement challenges (who’s to blame for a data grab)

• Technical Issues: What Is Possible Today, What Could Be Possible Tomorrow
> The growing use of AI technology to recreate the voices and likenesses of deceased individuals, legal concerns about resurrecting private citizens and celebrities
> What is the role and responsibility of tech companies (what will be made possible)
> The evolving landscape of AI-driven resurrection technologies, including the emergence of ChatGPT, “Grief tech” startups like Replika, HereAfter AI, StoryFile, and Seance AI
> Data Bias and challenges of adequate cultural representation
> Data Ethics in AI Training: Considerations in sourcing and curating data for training AI
> The Upside: Data-driven Personalization: How AI technologies can leverage data analytics to provide personalized grief support

• A look ahead: Preparing for the Future: Pro’s and Con’s of a digital after Life:
> Practical guidance on navigating the complexities of grief and bereavement in an increasingly digitized world, drawing insights from AI-powered grief support platforms and virtual memorialization services, incl. the possible impact on mental health
> How individuals and families can proactively engage with AI technologies to prepare for end-of-life arrangements, embracing digital legacy planning and preserving personal narratives
> What happens if Granny’s digital twin is being hacked?
> What to consider before you die: Best Practices with Social media accounts, networking sites
> Cyber security considerations; Planning digital assets into estates, wills, & trusts

• Last word: Where do we go from here?

• Jennifer MuldowneyFounder, MULDOWNEY MEMORIALS
• Chloé Margulis, Associate, BARNES & THORNBURG LLP
• Gustavo Martin VelaProfessor – Data Engineering, IE UNIVERSITY
• Yvonne Bendinger-RothschildExecutive Director, EACCNY [Moderator]

5:30 – 6:00 PM Check-in | 6:00 – 7:30 PM Program | 7:30 – 8:00 PM Networking


EACCNY Members: Free
EACCNY non-Members: Free

Registration is closing at 4:00pm ET on June 4th, 2024.


New York City
New York


Jun 05 2024


08:00 - 18:00

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