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The Disconnected Workforce: How to re-Build a High-Performance Culture by Making Working at Work Work, Again

Join us for a discussion about how to tackle the challenge of switching people’s mindset back to “working at work” and the importance of re-building teams by way of getting together as a team, and the incredible power of serendipity (aka running into inspiration randomly).

The challenges the Covid Pandemic brought to workplace worldwide have led to seismic shifts in how employees and employers engage with one another. With that said, while many things changed, certain dynamics remain the same, among them the importance of building relationships and meaningful human interactions to create a productive environment and energy that are the basis for any successful organization.

What are the psychological issues of being back together and how does the lack of physical togetherness impact connectivity, client relationships and company success.

What is expected from leaders in the context of a more global ‘working from everywhere’ workforce? Do we need to rethink hierarchies and organizational patterns to keep teams aligned and productivity high. How can we make sure not to loose ourselves, our team and our connection to work with a false sense/unsatisfied desire of flexibility.

AGENDA topics:
 Work from home vs. work from work – the EU vs. US Office dynamics
 Legal issues & behavioral issues WFW and WFH
 The personality (or lack thereof) of Flex desk vs. a ‘real’ desk with your family photos
 The larger context of “closing the office” and switch to a complete WFH environment (Psst: You’d better have a plan

 Leading in a new era, key challenges teams and their managers face right now
 How does your company culture impact people’s relationships with the office?
• Defining Activities and time together; bringing people together for purpose and when it makes sense
 The company as a person: First impressions how to connect with office mates/colleagues
 How can we redesign the office experience to make it more engaging/valuable?

 The underlying challenges of getting people to the office
 Scheduled serendipity: How does serendipity impact collaboration, belonging, and innovation
 The magic of relationships (internally and with clients), how to build them how to keep them
 Creating FOMO & the intrinsic value of group dynamics
 Energizing employees takes more than a birthday cake

• Philip BerkowitzShareholder, LITTLER
• Therese Gedda, Founder – CEO, REIMAGINEZ
 Yvonne Bendinger-RothschildExecutive Director, EACCNY [Moderator]

EACCNY Members: Free
EACCNY non-Members: Free

Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination required to Attend


Littler New York Office
900 Third Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10022


Dec 07 2022


08:30 - 00:00

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