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Panel Discussion: Data Protection by Design: Integrating Privacy & Security

“Data is the new oil” is an often-repeated statement today. The use, and in some cases misuse, of personal data is a global phenomenon. Securing and protecting data is one of the most important tasks at hand for organizations. This phenomenon is accompanied by a surge of data privacy regulations, increasingly adopted, and robustly enforced by various nations. In 2021, a US company has been hit by a record $886.6 million fine for breaching the GDPR. Additionally, the last two years have seen data protection mechanisms which companies operating in Europe rely upon the subject of seismic changes the ramifications of which will be felt for many years to come (Schrems II ruling, new SCCs, new approach to compliance with cookie rules, etc.).

Companies’ Data Privacy regulations leverage policy, process & technology to protect data within applicable legal and regulatory frameworks. However, implementation can be complex, and companies’ data privacy most often comes at the cost of business efficiency.

Companies are increasingly reaching for an approach, which integrates the principles of “Privacy by Design” and security. This “Data Protection by Design” approach requires effective use of policy, technology, and automation to ensure that data privacy goals are met within applicable regulatory and legal frameworks.

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8:30 – Reception
9:00-9:45 – Panel discussion
9:45-10:00 – Questions/réponses en Français & Anglais


Join us for discussion about data privacy optimization in Europe with insight from experts from all sides of the ‘data privacy’ table:
  • What are the Data Privacy regulations prevalent in the EU? How is this landscape changing? What to expect?
  • What if my company fails to comply with those regulations? Lessons learnt from latest fines issued by data protection authorities.
  • What are the major challenges companies face in implementing data privacy policies?
  • How can technology and automation be leveraged for data privacy within a company’s existing processes and systems?
  • How to ensure that respecting legal and reglementary frameworks do not hurt business?                             ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Frédérique Lebrun, Resp Séc Globale (RSSI, PCA, Sec personnes et des biens), Compliance and Legal IT Correspondant, BNP Paribas
Ashish Kirtikar, President – UK & Europe, Control Case
Willy Mikalef, Counsel, Bird & Bird, Paris


Nov 18 2022


09:00 - 11:00
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