What is your specialty/field of expertise?

As former CFO of a midsize listed company my expertise is in the field of Finance (both commercial as well as corporate), Operations, Governance and management of partnerships

What type of organisations do you often work with?

We especially work with colleagues in the spirits-industry

To which cities do you regularly travel and what is in general the purpose for these trips?

 I regularly travel to New York, Louisville as well as a number of financial centers in Europe (Paris, Frankfurt, London and Brussels);

What is your role within EACC NL and what would you like to achieve?

As treasurer and secretary I hope to be able to jointly get the EACC – Amsterdam started and embed in the Dutch economic eco-system.

To which kind of organisations and/or people would you like connect with in the US or NL?

Not specific)

In case any (candidate) EACC members have any questions on doing business in the Netherlands or in the US, how would you like them to connect to you and on which topics could you share insight and experience.

I am available for any questions, especially on the insider story of doing business in The Netherlands

Do you have a motto/saying in life that drives you and which you would like to share with us?

Happy news is becoming who you are. (In Dutch “Geluk is worden wie je bent”)

Joost de Vries (1963) is a Dutch national. He trained as an auditor and completed his CPA education in 1989 with the Dutch Institute for Registered Professional Accountants and Auditors (NIVRA) in Amsterdam. Joost started his career with KPMG where he worked between 1981 and 1998, from 1996 as a partner and member of the Management Team International Audit 2000 project at KPMG International in New Jersey, US. Between 1998 and 2005 he was a management board member of Mid Ocean Group B.V., a pan-European importer and wholesaler of business gifts and premiums. In 2005 Joost teamed up with Van Doorne to prepare the management buyout of Lucas Bols, which was effected in 2006.

Joost is treasurer and corporate secretary of the European American Chamber of Commerce Netherlands.

In addition he is member of the supervisory board of De Stiho Groep B.V. Joost is also chairman of the supervisory board of Avandis.